Conception Nauticat



The soul of the NAUTICAT is forged by rough northern conditions, unforgiving attitude to ship building and a refined style.

simplicity – purposefulness – performance – resistance – safety – comfort – style

Everything remains as simple as possible so that failures are prevented.

Everything you need is available just where you need it.

Nothing is redundant so that no precious space is occupied and so that nothing gets in your way.

Sailing performance is of the utmost importance with pilothouse yachts.

On the other hand, traditional motorsailers are equipped with powerful engines; nevertheless, their sailing capabilities are also admirable.

A “lean” pilothouse yacht and traditional motorsailer – two opposing motor yacht concepts, two flagships of NAUTICAT.

The latest technology and shipyard’s own procedures guarantee the best possible resistance of the entire ship against the roughest conditions you may encounter.

Find both passive and active safety measures installed throughout the entire NAUTICAT and notice they do not disturb you in any way. The sturdy hull will stand even a hard impact.

Why do you need a pilothouse? Because you need to be able to see in all directions to steer the boat easily and safely under all circumstances.

The comfort of NAUTICATs is legendary and bears no comparison with any other type of a boat.

A combination of the most quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and unity of all the elements. That is how NAUTICATs are built.

What makes NAUTICAT so special is not only its technical qualities, but also its design.

There are not many NAUTICATs anchored in ports, but the ones that are, you won’t miss. They will immediately draw your attention with their lines and elegant disposition of all the components on deck, and below it.

NAUTICAT, a whole new concept.

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