The entire NAUTICAT construction process is primarily aimed at achieving quality.

NAUTICAT YACHTS OY builds yachts as safe and quality as possible.

In NAUTICAT YACHTS OY, people do not rely on suppliers.

All, with the exception of the navigation equipment and a few other components, is built in-house, even the cushions and curtains.

The entire construction process is controlled with no compromises allowed.

Thus, the company can guarantee the quality of the entire boat. And that is what makes the difference.

And what about the most important part of the boat – the hull?

The hull is made of homogenous fibreglass the layers of which are hand-laid. This is no sandwich.

The fibreglass is not sprayed, but hand-grinded and inlaid with multi-layer fabrics used in aviation. To grind the fibreglass equally in the narrowest joints of the boat requires a great skill, years of experience and, literally, a cat’s walk.

Looking for a technology better than this one would be futile. This process makes the sturdiest and most resistant frame imaginable.

The ballast on the bottom of the keel is pure lead. Soft lead tends to absorb the impact energy affecting the hull, which is sturdy enough itself.

Your boat shall not be sunk by any obstacle potentially crossing your sailing course, nor shall it be damaged when hitting the bottom.

It is not cheap, but it is the best and safest technology available.

The boat’s frame is the core into which all the other components are installed with the same amount of precision and sternness.

Skilled cabinetmakers make unique interiors using selected teak wood and install it into the boat directly in the shipyard in the city of Riihikoski. Most of the stainless steel components are made by experienced craftsmen in NAUTICAT.

The mutual close cooperation of the shipyard with its suppliers results in both continual improvement of functionality and quality of the equipment and individual components.

Tackling is provided by Seldén and a local company North Sails, engines are manufactured by Yanmar and Perkins and most of the navigation technology comes from Raytheon.

On the other hand, it needs to be said that to comply with individual customer requirements, NAUTICAT YACHTS OY is prepared to install components from other producers as well.

The construction process follows varying trends and provides the customer with the utmost quality.

In NAUTICAT, the latest trends and CAD software are used for both the design engineering and analysis and interior adjustments.

Prior to delivery, the boat is completely tested in a testing pool in the shipyard. After that, sails are checked. If the boat is to be delivered from Finland, a testing voyage is conducted.

In winter, outside temperatures in Finland reach -30°C. In NAUTICAT YACHTS OY, they know how to build boats fit for every climate.

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