When you choose NAUTICAT, you get a chance to completely individualise the disposition of your boat.

If you have a specific plan, if you can estimate the size of your crew, if you know your sailing waters and if you know in which season you will be sailing the most, if you can tell whether you will stay on the sea for a long time or if you plan to spend more time in ports…

…you have come to the right place.

Our team will propose the best disposition of your boat to make your dreams come true.

If you are interested, we can put a basic concept on paper within two or three days, directly in the shipyard.

We do recommend it. You will gain a lot new experience and see the birth of your new family member for your own eyes. You will get to know all the unexpected information about your boat, information, which will come handy on the sea and which will strengthen your conviction that you made the best choice.

In the course of construction, you are free to visit the shipyard and reconsider and even change the disposition based on the actual stage of construction. We will provide you regularly with pictures documenting the entire construction process.

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