Permanent value


This is what makes NAUTICAT different.


In years, NAUTICAT boats retain their original value.

If you decide for a NAUTICAT, not only you make your dream of adventures and the best ship come true.

You invest your money in an excellent way!

Although NAUTICAT boats are not the cheapest, the value / invested money ratio is the best you can possibly achieve.

How come?

In NAUTICAT YACHTS OY, nothing comes from lot production. Handwork is the prevailing type of work in the construction process and everything has its time. Nothing is done with too much haste.

As a result, you get a quality and reliable boat, ageless, ripening like fruits.

At first glance, the design and construction of the boat remains unchanged and retains its successful, tested shapes and technology improved only in minor details.

Beyond the elegant style resides the latest technology implemented simply and practically into the boat’s hull. All this crowned with brilliant craftsmanship.

The value of most of the ships on the market is falling! However, with a well-maintained NAUTICAT, you shall not have this problem.

A NAUTICAT boat with many years of service will still surprise you pleasantly with its high selling price.

Unlike other boats, NAUTICAT boats are hardly available on a second-hand market. If you try hard enough, you will ultimately learn that a well-equipped NAUTICAT is sold after years of service for a higher than its original price.

NAUTICAT is the right choice.

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